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KDDAUK Members Courtesy Call to SL High Commission in London
(16th November 2018)

H. E. Tamba John Lamina tells his Kono brethren ‼‼‼‼‼‼

Photos from the SL High Commission in London

The High Commissioner was today (16/11/2018) addressing a cross section of the Kono community who had gathered to pay a courtesy call on him and his deputy and to pray for the embassy staff and the country.

H.E. Tamba John Lamina happily welcomed the group to a place that he described as “Home for all Sierra Leoneans”.

The High Commissioner emphasised the need for Konos and all Sierra Leoneans to “come together as a single unit with the singular purpose of developing the nation”. He spoke at length on the need for peace and unity and the vital importance of bringing people together “leaving no one on the sides”.

Expressing his gratitude to HE President Julius Maada Bio for demonstrating his love for Kono “in so many ways” the soft-spoken diplomat urged his Kono brethren to respect that high confidence by uniting to serve as leading “examples of togetherness” to the rest of the country. “Real development can only be achieved in an atmosphere of peace and unity” he admonished. “President Bio’s plans” the Commissioner pointed out, “envisages Kono far beyond just pieces of diamonds and broken dreams”.

The High Commissioner who himself was one time chairman of of KDDA was addressing the gathering flanked by his deputy HE Mrs. Agness Macauley who had also once served as Chairlady of the KDU.

In her contributions HE Agness Macauley underlined the theme of unity and emphasised the need for inclusion of everyone “as each and everyone is important and that importance must be recognised and respected”, she said.

Earlier on Mr. Aiah Tondoneh, who was leading the group, thanked the High Commissioner, his deputy and the rest of the embassy staff for welcoming them “so very warmly” and he prayed for their general welfare and for the resounding success of the New Direction under the leadership of HE President Julius Maada Bio. Mr. Tondoneh expressed his gratitude to the president for “recognising Kono in so many ways” and pledged support for the New Direction policies.

Drawing a parallel with the unwelcoming atmosphere of the past and expressing appreciation for the present Mr. Opas Tamba Jimmy-Kay summed up what everyone readily accepted was typically representative of H.E. Lamina’s open-approach style: “To set up this meeting, I just called him on the phone once and he immediately accepted without any long dragged-out protocols”!

The meeting that started with prayers ended with warm smiles and happy hugs!

- Written by Abdulai Briama

Previous Articles

Article by Mr Sahr O Fasuluku

It was a dream of many who came before, to help develop our home, Kono. It's been over 50 years since the Kono Students Union started. 27 years since it renamed itself the Organisation of Kono Unity (OKU), and over 20 years since its members overtly expressed their development intentions by naming it the Kono District Development Association (KDDA). In January this year, without fanfare, fireworks or celebration, the KDDA crossed an apparently insurmountable milestone; local registration of a self-governing Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Kono District comprising a cross section of civil society, the Kono District Development Association SL. It may not seem like a major leap, but it took a long time to get here and is testimony of a dream held by my father and his generation, a dream we try to keep alive and pass on to the next generation, if they care enough to take up the gauntlet. As the political circus puts on its final showcase and prepares to pack up for another 5 years, KDDASL and all civil society groups in Kono District are left to continue their arduous journey towards local capacity building and their campaign for an enabling environment for civil society. The real work starts when the cameras stop. This video recounts KDDASL's small step to registration.

Solving Identity Crisis through Language Lessons
by Tamba Gborie


Identity crisis is a hot topic among the children of ethnic minorities in the Western world. For some reason, the children think it is time to align with their ethnic origin. Some of these children have experienced discrimination one way or the other; consequently they have resorted to accept who they are rather than be a carbon copy of a culture they do not belong to.

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Mrs Sia E.Nyandemo - SCCAN


Strong Woman and CEO Sia Evelyn Nyandemo revives the return of Mobile Clinics to Sierra Leone after 20 years.

On the 16 to 31 July 2011, Sickle Cell Carers Awareness (SCCAN) led by Sia and her team will be leaving UK to bring a Mobile Clinic to the Kono District, Sierra Leone.

The Afro-European Medical and Research Network (AEMRN) of Switzerland are facilitating this trip. AEMRN members strive to contribute to the physical, mental, social, educational and every sound well-being of people irrespective of race, creed, beliefs and social affiliation.

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KDDA: The Way Forward - by Dingiswayo Nyandemo


Let me first of all thank this interim body for the marvellous job they are doing and also lend my whole hearted support in pursuance of the goals and aspirations of KDDA.

The Kono district and its people are at a cross roads, our very existence as a people is now at stake and our future is being determined by the spinning coin. This is a dangerous scenario and needs immediate intervention particularly from those of us in the Diaspora.

It is as a result of this, that those of us UK should put our resources together both time and otherwise to make KDDA succeed and become the beacon of light for our people.

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The Dejected Land - by Tamba Gborie


In the East of Sierra Leone lie a few districts Kono being one of them. To many people Kono district is the economic power house of Sierra Leone now laid bear and dejected by successive governments. Time and again questions are being asked why successive governments deject Kono district. People wonder why Kono district is facing entrenched human rights abuse, including poverty, the denial of education and healthcare services...

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Latest Articles:

Solving Identity Crisis through Language Lessons.
by Tamba Gborie

KDDA: The Way Forward.
by Dingiswayo Nyandemo

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KDDA Annual Dance, Jan 2012... KDDA Annual Dance, Jan 2012... KDDA Annual Dance, Jan 2012...
KDDA Trip to Margate, July 2010... KDDA Trip to Margate, July 2010... KDDA Trip to Margate, July 2010...


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